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Below are two different types of dataplates to be used for tourney sessions. The first is a dynamic version, used basically to showcase samples of images and logo links. The second is a more streamlined version, used basically for information exchange.


SuperWikia Proxeum & Guild Dataplate
Specifications Properties SuperWikia Logo Set 18

SuperWikia Group Name: Proxeum/Guild: Proxeum/Guild Name
Title of Campaign: Rosario-Zonda Starfield
Authorship/Seatholder: Dataplate:SuperWikia Seatholder
Procession: Dataplate:SuperWikia - 'South Amercian/Mediterrainean Procession'
Level of Membership: Assembly
Employability/Bethrothal Status: Currently- Unavailable
SuperWikia Userpage: Dataplate:SuperWikia Seatholder
SuperWikia Logo Set 18
Superwikia-ArchCities Data Shield Logo 1.0
SuperWikia Proxeum & Guild Dataplate

  • -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

VERSION TWO- (Authors on Staff Version)Edit

Replicate Studio Names & information as needed

SuperWikia Proxeum & Guild Academies- Dataplate
Author Publishing Roster
Name of Proxeum or Guild
President; Senior Member: Nickname and User ID of Member
Entity Category & Procession: Rep/Ind/Con; Majority Procession Class
Studio Name 02: Nickname, User Page Link (optional) and User ID of Member
Studio Name 03: Nickname and User ID of Member
Studio Name 04: Nickname and User ID of Member
Studio Name 05: Nickname and User ID of Member
Studio Name 06: Nickname and User ID of Member
Studio Name 07: Nickname and User ID of Member

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