Bartanya Simone- This page is designated for the Doctorate at Space; 'Bartanya Simone'. Its intent is to provide information into the biographical background and properspective of the character and their continued contributions of science unto the SuperWikia collective.

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Sen. Bartanya Simone 1.1
Bartanya Simone; an ancient of the Tweep Republic Order who taught the Eurostines. Bartanya protected the Edenude at Sisstacius during the ancient Battles of Publiss from the Europhines. She was later installed as Senator Simone over several solarstate properties. (see; SuperWikia Senator: Bartanya Simone). She was a great warrior and soldier who served as a protector guard for all of the Sudanary preistess and eventually became the ambassador prime minister for the solarstate. During the Publiss Wars, she wrote the 'Eathis Verses', a collection of samariahs from all of the priestesses of the Sudanary.

Research & Significance:Edit

Advances & Other ContributionsEdit

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Character Name
Sen. Bartanya Simone 1.1

Bartanya Simone
Base Title: Bartanya Simone
Sex / Gender: Female
Ethinicity / Race: Latin American Procession / South Amercian/Mediterrainean Procession
Lead Order / Party: Pamazon Ascendant Magistrats-Proxeum / Republic
Physique / Health: Latin-Centurian Theologic; / Rio-Centurian Soldier; EXO
Active Level: N/A
Tentative Status: (Un-Available)
Setting / Location: Tweep Republic

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