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Summary Edit

Transcribe Ascendant (SIS Sloak Star Destroyer)

SIS Sloak Star Destroyer- 'Transcribe Ascendant'
SuperWikia USS SIS- 'Transcribe Ascendant' (Sloak Star Destroyer Class)
SIS 'Transcribe Ascendant'
SuperWikia Shipyard Dataplate
Supercorp Manufacturer: Shima-Kogalgeisha ~liSupercorp
Type & Model: Ship Class: Ancilliary Vessel / Model: Sloak Star Destroyer
Active Charter: Leerphacel Charter
Particle Stream Value: 250
Lifegrid Data: Lifeforce Array Enabled
Engine Output (In Cuelos): State power outage / usage Exo-Craft Wave Output /
Speed (In Throughbreds): State maximum speed of craft
Ship Primary Usage: Deep Space Gridlock Battle Star
Ship & Vessel Architectural Data: State what type of material, armour, etc
Engineering Systems Data: List Engine Type & Manufacture
Lifegrid & Bay Carry Capacity Data: State crew capacity (by 1's, 10's, 100's & 1000's)
Legal Operators of Vessel & Engineering: Habatchii Engineering Society-Proxeum/Guild
Propulsion Data: Inter-galactic capability
Armament & Ancilliary Data:
  • Shell Gunnery Workshops (Yes)
  • Tractor Beam Workshops (Yes)
  • Assault Turrets Workshops (Yes)
  • Particle Interrupter Cannon Workshops (Yes)
  • Laser Ordnance Workshops (Yes)
  • Energy Plasma Workshops (Yes)
  • Stealth Seduction Beam Mainframe (Yes)
Tour of Duty & Decommission Data:
Tourdate (Maiden Voyage / Last Voyage) State when vessel was constructed / decommissioned
Sub-Fleet & Shuttle Craft Data
Starfighters Number of Starfighters
Technical-Utility Crafts Number of Technical-Utility Crafts
Assault Crafts Number of Assault/Bomber Crafts
Patrollers & Emergency Crafts Number of Patroller/Emergency Craft
Land Cruisers Number of Land Crusiers/Trailers
Earthworkers Number of Earthwork Vehicles/Dozers
Shuttles Number of Shuttles/Evac Units

Rear Text-Edit

Basis of Work This image is a reference of The SuperWikia Engineering Deck. Its purpose is to serve as an 'Ancilliary Aid' for SuperWikia member tourney evaluations and inspections. It is used as a SuperWikia Shipyard Image Template in processing tourney operations, as well as seatholder case inquiry, technical support inventory, ancilliary issue detection, problem resolution, logic case processing and enforcement enactment of tourney-related functions (SuperWikia Policy).
References The image is recorded under the SuperWikia 'SIS Space Forces Code' and serves various duties of exhibit and policy. It functions under the SuperWikia 'Basis Management Workshop' provision for SuperWikia 'Public Ancilliary Management' exhibits for amplitudinal and aptitudinal comparison research on Single Perspective Accountability Case Entry study.
Articles This image may only be used by the Proxeum/Guild members that submitted it and or any authenticated tourney participant.
Non-SuperWikia This file is also on
Definitives This image is used in generating SuperWikia Logic, SuperWikia Supermodel Logic, SuperWikia Proxeum Logic, SuperWikia Administrative Logic, SuperWikia Consumer Logic, SuperWikia Exhibit Logic and SuperWikia User Knowledge.
Omitted Parts Variations and Different Versions are available via the submitting party.
Non-Wiki This file is not for public use.

Publishing & Licensing Edit

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This file is copyrighted. The copyright holder grants conditional (hosted) usage of this file provided such usage is only on this site. Copyright holder(s) must be properly attributed.

SuperWikia Logo Set 12Super Wikia: EVIL Class Three: SuperWikia Alpha Advanced Terminology Index (ATI) Comptroller License

This file is a SuperWikia Reference Library property for Super Wikia: EVIL Class Three: SuperWikia Alpha ATI Comptroller License licensing issuance and distribution; an extension of the | SuperWikia Alpha Codebase and other SuperWikia associated sites. The intent of this license is to provide a plausible Basis Management point of origin for general inquiry and any possible ancilliary or criminal investigation. It is a collective of | BADEL code-related information as reported and gathered by the SuperWikia system as a whole.

SuperWikia and SuperWikia Alpha are | ThoughtSpace friendly.

All rights reserved. SuperWikia© Copyright United States.


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