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A Tweep 'Eathis'; manifesting the soveriegnty of the covents of Aduallya Galaxy, this image is of Frida the 13th, the spiritual epicenter of the of both the Solveig White Pulse and the Solveig Black Pulse.


The Eathis is the second most highest female of the Sunders and Prails covent; and all of the sutes in which they fall under. Frida is of the line of Aja, reverend as the 'Solstice Madre' of the 10th galaxy of the Tweep Republic and the 13th of 19 Eathis of the galaxy; thus the 13th designation unto her order. During their perparation, they learn and recite verses from the Sadeic, the central secular text of the major Tweep Solarstates.

Rites & OrdersEdit

Their dominion covents consists of Senior Madres (female adherents) from each chartered planet across the galaxy and their denomination orders. Accordingly; their are 19 different orders consisting of the Senior Madres of both the Prails (Solveig White Pulse) and the Sunders (Solveig Black Pulse), all of which have three levels of spiritual development:

Spiritual Order Type of Order
The Siron Order Warners, emphasis on verses highlighting dispute or conflict
The Trion Order Scouts, sent into different terraforms as missionaries
The Aeon Order Seers, studies empire-building and governance
The Crayon Order Terrafomists, also focuses on rearing and nursing clones at infirmaries
The Yenon Order Teachers, emphasis on disciplines, regulations and ruling prinicples
The Bathon Order Baptismals, develops beautification and hygene practice for colonists and travelers
The Robeon Order Nurses, studies human form, anatomy and consenuality practices
The Actoron Order Advocates, emphasis in reform, remittance and culture development
The Nilon Order Adherents of the word, followers of the secular text
The Dialon Order Ambassadors, sent to minister to foreign solarstates and powers
The Otanon Order Disciplinarians, protestant of covent rules and consensus
The Norton Order Sacrificial, given over to the covent as orphans
The Salon Order Ascensionist, emphasis on erect posture and virtues
The Talcon Order Radical Thinkers, liberal-minded cedes
The Aemon-Pebbles Order Anti-Colonial, pro-space and fleet authoritarians
The Pageon Order Bookmakers, writers and scroll-bearers of the scripts
The Lanon Order Fasters, emphasis on scheduled abstanance and fasts
The Eon Order Secret order of the covent, mostly higher level members
The Sermon Order Mother of Mothers, behovents of the sisterhood spirit

Both Prail & Sunder orders follow these covent denominations, ascending up to the highest spiritual plane of virtue by completing assignments of ministry onboard vessels and terraforms across the Solosphere.

Residency & OrientationEdit

The Eathis is observed as being exemplified of the Black and White Pulse power sources in which the entire Uninetic System was formed. Her dominion reaches into the underworlds, those that have not entered the space age yet and her ministries send emissiaries into those lands and worlds that they might be remitted. They are 'encapsulated' at berth, meaning they will be in office their enter life once they become of age. As a general rule of the faith, an Eathis foot may never touch the stone of any world; but that unwritten law is sometimes tried by their entourage' of clones.

Soverign of the Aduallya Galaxay
Tweep 'Eathis' Frida the 13th (Soverign of Aduallya Galaxy)
Frida the 13th
Base Title: Tweep 'Eathis' Frida the 13th (Soverign of Aduallya Galaxy)
Sex / Gender: Female; 'Leerphacel Procession'
Ethinicity / Race: African-American; Latin-American
Lead Order / Party: Soverignty (Tweep Republic)
Physique / Health: Nubian-Centurian Theologic; Latin-Centurian Theologic
Active Level: Stature League Team
Tentative Status: Un-Available
Setting / Location: Aduallya Galaxy- Fleet Grade / Offsite

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