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This page is designated for the Staples Serial Service System of the SuperWikia Senate Assembly. Its intent is to provide a functional and operative environment for administartive documentation of provisional and referendum movements made within the Senate Assembly and its sub-committees.

The page may be used in conjunction with:

Special Instructions

In creating a new serial, use the template on this page and edit the material according to your proxeum/guilds preference. Post the finished copy on this wikia using appropriate SuperWikia Library Manager styles and leave a link to your work(s) on this page in the Senate Assembly Signature Block area provided.

Specification Provision Address Cataloge Entry-


Name of Author/Proxeum: Habatchii Engineering Society
Catalog Title
The Staples Serial Service System Act
Description: The Staples Serial Service System Act catalog is a service based template of SuperWikia, used in Superior and General Session Senatorial meetings to provide an outline for authoring users to submit cataloged semester material to be used as a protocol for all SuperWikia tourney sessions.

Initiative Name-

Initiative: The Serial Synchronization Provision
Step Referendum:
Step 01: Standardized Member Information Digest Provision The Standardized Member Information Digest Provision is a step referendum of the Serial Service System which provides documentation for authors to submit recogizable serial material to the Senate Assembly. Its intent is to create viable products to be used by the Serial System in keeping catagorized and encylopedia grade information on each act presented, considered and passed by the SuperWikia Assembly.
Step 02: Tourney Indemnitification Provision The Tourney Indemnification Provision is a step referendum which establishes certain powers of immunity to authors, co-authors and proxeum/guild members during tourney processing. Its intent is to support a safe environment policy for Senate members and to secure the Assembly against anticipated tourney loss and or decisive judgement.
Step 03: Allstate Assurance Provision The Allstate Assurance Provision is a step referendum that enforces Administrative policies of the Assembly by means of a process known as transcribe auditing. This audit process assures all member statehoods of the Assembly of a reservation or 'seat' within the Assembly and the powers to participate accordingly in the tourney process.
Technical Narrative:
The SuperWikia University & SuperWikia 'Equipose & Officer Training'
Purpose: The SuperWikia University & SuperWikia 'Equipose & Officer Training' programs are ancilliary based plans to be implemented into the SuperWikia Senate session as inter-dependent entities to work in tandem to maintain and offset workload and productivity of the Sessions as a whole.
Ascension Index:

Resolution Measure Number (1) [2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][Reserved]

The Senate Assembly Signature Block:
Signature Tour Heat Party
Reservation #001 Heat # Proxeum ...
Reservation #002 Heat # Proxeum ...
Reservation #003 Heat # Proxeum ...

Score Card:

. ||Possible || Actual

Total Number of Catalog Tiltles: ..
Total Number of Initiatives: ..
Total Number of Step Referendums: ..
Total Number of Technical Narratives: ..
Total Number of Ascension Index Entries: ..
Total Number of Pro Rata Represented: ..

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