SuperWikia Starfields, Star Systems & Space Organizations

Cat Suit2.0

SuperWikia- SIS Space Systems

Space Defense ServicesEdit

  • Habatchii (US Seal) Habatchii Space Defense Systems

Existing Solosphere & TRANSCOM-Enabled CommonwealthsEdit

  1. Shawnsgang Space Systems- Known as a 'celestial home' for space fleets
  2. Testinus Space Systems- Host for the largest and most scientific bodies
  3. Artannya Space Systems- Has the largest 'acumen' class planetary systems
  4. Posingnus Space Systems- A large space military and proving ground body
  5. Leerstrong Space Systems- A historically segregated density of indo-centurians
  6. Escaladeus Space Systems- Heavily populated with spaceports, conducts and docks
  7. Selenatoo Space Systems- An intellectual domicile of universities and proxeums

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