Briberusalem; - A SuperWikia Old World Order: Briberusalem- article.

Beginning ArticleEdit

Briberusalem; an ancient city in the pre-meglaxus era in which Habatchii and his maternal and paternal family fled from before his birth. The city was deemed by the High Courts as being a condemnation of condemnation and was subjected to every form political reform and scandal. The Sarasoldjha Mandate was strickly imposed against the citizens of the city and amendments to it abused by the locals, who stated bluntly that the 1st born of every household would have to be given over to the mandate or else the entire family would be made subject. Habatchii's parents moved from the city and relocated to Bethleclara right before the birth of Habatchii in the new world.

Records of BriberusalemEdit

Accounts & History of BriberusalemEdit

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