You Are At SUPERWIKIA; The Wikia for 3D Superheros.

Welcome to SuperWikia; the official wiki government for Superheros, Superheroines and even Super Villains, borne or migrating to the SuperWikia environment. SuperWikia is sectioned into seven main areas to help you build up your citizenship here at SuperWikia; They are-

  • The Senate Chambers- for discussing official SuperWikia Assembly polls and debates
  • The Teledeck- for posting biodata and storyboards of your Superhero models
  • The Aesthetics Lab- for exchanging 3D capabilities and bodywork for your super-human layouts
  • The Planetarium- for exploration of your 3D model's home planet
  • The Lounge- for general discussion of SuperWikia topics
  • The Engineering Deck- for posting of phototages of ships, crafts and weaponry
  • The Streamform (formerly the Super-Rotundra) the archives of all SuperWikia Superheros and their histories.

SuperWikia hosts all 3D model types, illustrated in any 3D platform and welcomes new citizen members to participate in its Senate Assembly.

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