SuperWikia Armed Personnel Endicia

The endicia posted here are SIS personnel endicia, issued to authenticated SIS component members. The official title of 'Lavalier' introduces the personnel to other members and represents the chain of command therein. Worn on the left lapel (collar) as opposed to the member's national flag (unstaggard) which is worn on the right lapel.

SuperWikia Armed Personnel Library of Images

Below is a general gallery of the uniforms and components which make up the Armed Personnel ranks. This is only a partial library, as images are produced at different frequency than other galleries.

SIS Armed Forces Class Tech Spec
SIS Air Defense Forces Unit 1.2 SIS Air Defense Forces Unit
SIS Black Space Defense Forces Unit SIS Black Space Defense Forces Unit
SIS Reserve Army & Marine Unit 1.0 SIS Reserve Army & Marine Unit

SuperWikia Armed Personnel Performance Benchmarking

During tourney tours, 'performance benchmarks' are used to denote progression in tenure of the users and members. Benchmarks are accumulated by means of submission of articles and other exhibits by the user in the rank classification denoted below. (Authors: Remember to substantiate your articles with documentation; [categories, datatables, rear text, references, etc.] Articles not substantiated with the appropriate Lifeforce decal and or Datashield endicia will be subjected to the tourney process.)

SuperWikia Armed Personnel (Enlisted)

Station Endicia Title Abbreviated Performance Bench SIS Code
SIS PE Specialist Endicia Specialist Spec 26 Articles LP-1
SIS PE Troop Corp Endicia Troop Corporeal TroCo 52 Articles LP-2
SIS PE Airman Endicia Airman Sergeant ASer 78 Articles LP-3
SIS PE Point Sergeant Endicia Point Sergeant PoSer 104 Articles LP-4
SIS PE Lateral Sergeant Endicia Lateral Sergeant LaSer 130 Articles LP-5
SIS PE Enlisted Captain Endicia Enlisted Captain ECa 156 Articles LP-6
SIS PE Senior Captain Endicia Senior Captain SeCa 182 Articles LP-7

SuperWikia Armed Personnel (Commissioned)

Station Endicia Title Abbreviated Performance Bench SIS code
SIS PE Short Officer Endicia Short Officer ShoOff 208 Articles P-1
SIS PE Ensign Endicia Ensign Ensign 234 Articles P-2
SIS PE Lieutenant Endicia Lieutenant Lt 260 Articles P-3
SIS PE Pt Major Endicia Point Major PointM 285 Articles P-4
SIS PE Admiral Endicia Admiral Adm 312 Articles P-5
SIS PE Theater Gen Endicia Theater General TheG 338 Articles P-6
SIS PE Senior Off. Command Endicia Senior Officer Commander SOC 364 Articles P-7

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