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The SuperWikia Leisure Lab is for use by delegates, proxies and other authorities of Supermodels, Entities and allied interests groups of each of their campaigns. This page is designated for all official SuperWikia business and is currently in build-up mode.

Authors: Do not forget to use a 'Dataplate' during tourney tours.

Leisure LabEdit

Sound & Auricular Sciences (Including SuperWikia Breakpeace Orchestra WorksEdit


Breakpeace ProductionsEdit

Non-Breakpeace ProductionsEdit

Theme MusicEdit


Published VariationsEdit


Educational & Media KitsEdit

Segues & Special EffectsEdit

Theatrical TherapyEdit


Tutorial Q & AEdit

Quick Poll- What sex is your favourite Supermodel or Avatar?

The poll was created at 18:24 on February 28, 2008, and so far 0 people voted.

Award Categories & ConventionsEdit

Animated AnalysisEdit

Short StoriesEdit

Teaching Aids & SyllabusEdit

Animated FeaturesEdit

Published Cartoon VersionsEdit

Licensed Franchises & Syndicated StoriesEdit

Extra Bonus & Special Edition ReleasesEdit

Scene Tutorials & Artist WorkshopsEdit


Leisure Discussion AreaEdit

Buyers & DistributorsEdit

Rendering GalleriesEdit

Author Disclosure DirectoryEdit

  • ArchCities
  • Camera Ray
  • DigiMasq
  • Solveig Transcribers
  • TweepCraft

Entertainment ArcadeEdit

Space AppreciationEdit

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